British Values

As a fully inclusive nursery all of our staff actively promote ‘British Values’ within our setting.

Teaching the children British Values provides guidance on developing their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development. This benefits all of our children, and better prepares them for when they move on to their Reception year, to be better prepared for a modern life in Britain.

The 4 values we teach and include in our curriculum on a daily basis are:


We teach the children to know that their opinions and views really count. We encourage them to ask questions to promote their inquisitive minds. During our nursery day we promote respect by listening to our peers when they want to talk, share and discuss.

We demonstrate ‘democracy’ during carpet time when the children may vote for their Book of the Week or an activity they would like to do. By giving the children choice and encouraging their confidence will help them to make those decisions for themselves. We interact by playing and learning including turn taking and sharing which builds up further respect for each other.

Rule of Law

We promote the Rule of Law by following our ‘Nursery Rules’. Our Nursery Rules are discussed and created with the children and staff. Everyone participates and makes an agreement on the rules about tidying up, our walking feet and inside voices!

We also teach Self-Regulation to the children as this helps them to understand not just their own, but the behaviours of others and enables them to come to terms with how they are feeling. We support our nursery children to be able to manage their feelings accordingly.

Individual Liberty

Within our daily sessions the children have lots of opportunities to develop their self-esteem and increase their confidence within their own abilities. We take account of the children’s interest when we plan their learning. We are always observing their interests within the nursery classroom, how much they are enjoying a certain activity/area within the room and we encourage the children to express these interests. We make sure to celebrate all cultures and festivals of the children within the classroom and support the children’s understanding and celebrating our individuality and encouraging this.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

We encourage the children to talk about feelings and support them to express them effectively. By celebrating all cultures and festivals of the children within the room, we are supporting children’s understanding and celebrating our individuality and awareness by promoting diverse attitudes and challenging stereotypes. We have a well-stocked library of books, many of which discuss feelings, how our actions make others feel and how we can show respect to the unique backgrounds of everyone within our nursery .

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